The GLS consulting system revolves around a central goal: Get clients to find their ideal strategy and identify the key tactics that, when executed appropriately, will result in attainment of growth goals.

The Process:

1.    Information Gathering – client provides:

  • Current sales and marketing strategy.
  • Current sales process map.
  • Gap Analysis – Client communicates the growth that they would like to see in revenue. Where they are now and where they want to be in a year. Helps to develop sales process map and revenue plan.
  • Client provides contact information for key suppliers/existing customers for GLS to interview as to the effectiveness of existing programs, etc.
  • Client provides information on key competitors and their value propositions versus your clients.
  • Key personnel interviews by GLS to understand culture and uncover hidden low hanging fruit opportunities.

2.    Facilitation Session with key management personnel

  • Brainstorming using their current sales mapping process as a starting point in order to uncover alternative new segments/new marketing ideas/new sales strategies that can result in attainment of new revenue goals.
  • Identify and rank key agreed upon ideas.
  • Drill down and agree upon key tactics that will need to be implemented and executed in order to make new strategies successful.
  • Rank, in order, those tactics most likely to result in growth.

3.   GLS develops new sales process map incorporating new agreed upon strategies.

4.   GLS writes up its recommendations and gives several options for implementation of said recommendations.